Darker Roast Coffee Has Less Caffeine

With coffee, most people have a presence for either dark or light roast options. If you’re a keen coffee drinker, you will know that there are subtle differences in the taste of each type of coffee, but the taste isn’t the only difference between dark and light roast coffee. 


Dark roast coffee beans get their color and flavor from being roasted at higher temperatures than light roast coffee beans. They are roasted at 400°F for 15 minutes before being packaged for you to buy from your local store. 


Aside from color and flavor, another key difference between dark and light roast coffee beans is the caffeine content. Many of us drink coffee because we want the extra energy that caffeine provides. When you’re tired or stressed, caffeinated coffee can provide the pick me up that you need. 


Many people think that a darker coffee bean means a higher caffeine content but this isn’t true. Generally, dark roast coffee beans contain lower amounts of caffeine than their lighter counterparts. However, there are some studies suggest that the caffeine differences are negligible between different roasts. 


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