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Bushra! Haraaz is Qat Free!

A World Health Organization classified Qat as a drug of abuse that had stifled the economic and social development of Yemen for decades. An arduous practice of Qat chewing was deeply embedded into Yemeni society. In recent years, almost 300,000 trees of Qat (catha edulis) were uprooted through awareness campaigns targeted to local farmers with the help of foreign volunteers.

Now, after almost a decade of hard work, the mountainous region of Haraaz is now Qat free, yielding some of the most fantastic and pure harvests ever seen before.

Qat Uprooting


Harvest Summary

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Feeding the Community

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Roasted Tasting Notes

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2019 Haraaz Harvest Summary

Coffee grown in the specially designated area of the Haraaz Sharqi (East). The coffee has blue green color, good acidity, intense dry fruit like date and fig aroma, fairly good body, and clean.

Al-Emadi Haraaz Fresh Beans of Screen 14+ sizes with maximum defects of 5% and maximum of 10% smaller (lower case) beans. 

Giving Back To Farmer Communities

With every Fatemi Coffee purchase, we donate profits to help feed farming communities in Yemen. Not only are you providing a source of income to the farming communities by supporting high quality, fresh Yemen Coffee, you can also feel good about supporting a company that gives back profits to help feed those families.

Roast Tasting Notes

Yemen Haraaz Coffee, Al-Emadi Fresh, Full City Roast tasting notes: Balanced and sweet with tangy fruit acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; very berry with cherry, strawberry, lemon and chocolate flavors.

Brewing Tips & Tricks