Meet Us

Our product will always be in the limelight, with that said, we have a group of talented professionals working alongside to bring you the very best from farm to cup and we'd like you to meet them. 

Fatemi Coffee Al Ezzi Yemen Coffee Market

Meet the founders and roasters, Fatema and Khozema Raja. 

What started was a stroll through the busy streets in a small town nested in tall mountains, turned into the start of Fatemi Coffee. With it, came the adventures of travelling, meeting incredibly talented individuals, and exploring a deep set passion as it transformed into a business.

Meet our logistics partner, Mu. Shabbir Ezzi.

It is rare and difficult to find a partner who feels like a natural extension of our family. Mu Shabbir Ezzi is just that. After meeting in Seattle in a hotel room (coincidentally the room number was #786) and sharing a home cooked meal, we became blood partners in a business and are always impressed with our aligned vision and shared mission. 

Meet the farmers.

We work with family owned farms and partner with them to ensure that they are being treated and compensated more than fairly for the coffee they are able to produce. in return, we receive a higher grade of coffee than if we had purchased from the public market. Our farmers take the proper care in cultivating the land, by eradicating Qat (Catha Edulus a narcotic produced in coffee farms), ensuring the appropriate care through watering and picking only the ripe red cherries. Ensuring opportunity fairness through women in coffee and providing the appropriate compensation that would motivate a community upliftment.

fair trade yemen coffee

women in coffee yemen haraz
community upliftment yemen coffee farm
hand picking ripe red coffee cherries yemen coffee farm