The Purpose

Fatemi Coffee is a family run business in Irving, Texas. All of our products are fresh & small batch hand-roasted. Distinct in their fresh aroma & taste all of our products provide a great addition to any kitchen!


After being long lost and forgotten through the turmoils of War, Famine and Social Injustice, Yemen is breaking free and bringing the world premium grade coffee and tea products that begun this worldwide morning ritual. We believe in bringing people the aromatic, deep experience with premium grade coffee and tea products from Yemen. 


Working with family owned farms, and partners that are committed to the well-being of the land and livelihood of the local community, we bring transparency with sustainability and exceptionally cultivated coffee crop. 
We work day in and day out to only work with partners who share our vision of long term upliftment of the community and the natural resources. 


Our coffee is never infused with artificial flavorings. We use real spices and foods to add traditional depth to our spiced qishr tea. We strongly believe in real foods and their contribution to people's health and sustainability of the farming world.
Our coffees, with their unique flavors and excellent growing conditions, are a fantastic addition to your counter. Starting your brew with an exemplary coffee, whether prepared as a pour-over, french press or espresso will liven up your day ahead.
We enjoy what we do and we enjoy sharing it with you! 
Our full product line is available in bulk quantities for restaurants, caterers, and chefs or wholesale customers.