Meet The Team behind Co-Op Al-Emadi

  • FARM(S) - Approximately 500 generational farming families working with the co-op Al-Emadi
  • FARMER(S) - Five hundred (500) Yemeni farming families located in Haraaz Sharqi (West)
  • MILL - Al Ezzi Industries
  • REGION - Hutaib, Haraaz, Yemen
  • COFFEE PRODUCTION - Collectively produce 200-250 tonnes green coffee beans per harvest
  • YEARS FARMING - Three (3) generations & more
  • PROCESSING METHOD(S) - 100% Natural
  • VARIETIES - Tuffahi, Dawairi, Jaadi, various other heirloom varieties

These families depend on the production and sale of coffee to feed their families. "Yemen is the birthplace of coffee," mentioned Ali Yahya Jarmah, as he described the roots of coffee and the need to revive Yemen and its coffee legacy. "Our team has worked tirelessly to remove Qaat and encourage farmers against this narcotic. We work with each farming family on their farm lands to remove Qaat trees, replant coffee trees, and help teach them how to properly cultivate the finest Yemeni Coffee." 

Each bag of coffee helps provide these families with food, encourage them that their decision to abandon Qaat and re-grow coffee will help their livelihood long-term, keep families together through tradition and away from mis-deeds and also help these families serve as an inspiration for others to also join the trade and prosper.