Open Your Eyes To The Wide World of Roasted Coffee

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Open Your Eyes To The Wide World of Roasted Coffee

For the coffee connoisseur, there’s always a new flavor to try. The question then becomes, which flavor to try today and which can wait for another time. If you find yourself in this position, it may be time to turn your gaze to other parts of the world and give your tastebuds a world tour. It may be time to expand your horizons and find some roasted coffee that’s outside of your comfort zone. Finding bold new flavors can be just the thing to bring your love of coffee back and stronger than ever.

Roasted Haraaz Fresh Microlot Coffee

The roasted haraaz is an excellent place to start. This coffee is one that you’ll be able to enjoy on your own or serve to guests proudly. 


The first thing most people want to know about when contemplating a different roasted coffee is the flavor. The roasted haraaz boasts a big berry flavor that includes a variety of delicious undertones. There are hints of caramel, chocolate, mulled wine, and fruit flavors that bring a savory note. The roasted haraaz has a smooth mouth-feel that will lend itself to small sips lovingly savored. The flavor of this coffee is incredible and needs to be experienced to be truly understood. The roasted haraaz is a wonderful experience and one that any coffee connoisseur should plan to try at least once, though it’s likely to become a regular experience.

 Roasted Mocha Yemeni Coffee

If, after trying the Haraaz coffee, you want to try more delicious Yemeni coffee, then the roasted mocha is the logical next choice. 


The roasted mocha is another delectable blend from the country of Yemen. This is not to be mistaken with the classic cafe mocha drink. Instead, this is a coffee that has hints of cocoa in the blend. It makes for a delicious cup of coffee that provides hints of sweet cocoa as well as mild berry flavorings. It has a more textured mouth-feel and can make for an enjoyable experience for the coffee drinkers who prefer that experience. There is a slightly citric hint underplaying the sweetness, which gives body and variety to the drink.  The roasted mocha is an excellent choice for someone who has a bit of a sweet tooth but still wants some quality Yemeni coffee.  

The Process

The connoisseurs among us often prefer to know about the process of making the coffee. This can tell the trained buyer a lot about the end product. The roasted haraaz and roasted mocha are farmed at an altitude between 1900 and 2440 meters above sea level. It is farmed using the natural process of red ripe cherries on a raised bed. The farmers are kept in direct contact with the buyers so that every step of the process can be documented. This coffee is fully traceable through the entire process via the producer ID cards. It is grown in the Haraz Mountains in the country of Yemen. Yemeni coffee has been called the best coffee globally, and while that’s a bold claim to make, it is undoubtedly among the best. If one wants to call themselves a connoisseur, they would be severely remiss not to sample this delectable blend. 

The Supplier

Coffee from Yemen is highly prized, and if you’re going to get some for yourself,  it’s essential that you find a supplier that is both reliable and fair to local farmers. Fatemi Coffee is one such supplier and is the perfect way to begin your worldwide roasted coffee journey. They ensure that the farmers they deal with are paid a fair price. 


Fatemi Coffee is the way to go if you want to get some of the best coffee in the world while also ensuring that you are doing the right thing by ethically sourcing your coffee. Fill up your cart with coffee, and you’ll be helping out Yemeni coffee farmers as well.