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Many of us enjoy the taste of coffees and teas but don’t care for the effects of too much caffeine. It can be difficult to find a brand that offers strong natural flavors that don’t rely on additives to achieve their results. It may not be an option for the connoisseur to simply stop drinking coffee or tea to lower caffeine intake. For those invested in these drinks, not simply as a quick fix in the morning but as a source of pleasure, or even a hobby, there are other options to ensure that they can regularly partake without the...

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What is it? Coffee-producing communities, such as Yemen, have been making hot tea by brewing coffee cherries for as long as they have been cultivating coffee. The drink, called QISHR in Arabic, is made from coffee husks, ginger, caraway seeds and cinnamon. In Ethiopia, it’s called Geshar or Hashara, and its darkly roasted until almost black, and infused in water for a longer period to create an intensely fruity brew. In Bolivia it’s called Sultana, where they enjoy it with cinnamon, clove, and sugar. What does it taste like? QISHR produces a highly aromatic and distinctly syrupy drink which offers traces of brown sugar, apple,...

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QISHR, a drink made from coffee husks and spices, is much like an herbal tea but made from coffee fruit, not leaves. It smells like tea, brews like tea, but tastes like coffee. But what about this drink makes it a good choice for coffee addicted moms who are breastfeeding?

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