Specialty Small Batch Coffee Reigns Supreme

Man Sitting in Front of Round Table While Sipping from White Ceramic Mug

Specialty coffee produced in small batches promotes a richer flavor, and harnesses more wholesome and ethical practices than the typical, mass-produced varieties. 

Flavors are allowed to reveal their beauty and complexities. The beans are picked and processed when perfectly ripe and are then roasted and available for purchase at peak freshness. What's more, the smaller batches lend themselves to more consistent results when roasting. The reduced amount of beans allows for effective roasting and optimal aroma monitoring. This is especially true as the majority of small roasters make use of more traditional drums, which create a gentler and more gradual process.

Most importantly, small-batch roasters have a greater focus on helping communities and employing more humanitarian means. The sources of their beans are more consciously chosen to give business and fairer wages to small family farmers and be more gentle on the earth—all of this while producing a higher quality coffee for customers.

Try our unique Yemeni coffee products at Fatemi Coffee for a truly one-of-a-kind aromatic taste experience. With every purchase, you can feel good about the handmade and ethical practices behind the products, supporting communities and small-scale Yemeni farmers.